Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab Bodhi Stupa in Sante Fe

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Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab Bodhi Stupa consecration

When His Eminence, Kalu Rinpoche first came to the United States in 1975, he appointed several Tibetan Lamas to act as leaders of many new dharma centers, including his choice of Lama Dorje in Santa Fe.

Lama Dorje, in addition to being a monk in the Kagyu order, was also an accomplished artist, and had brought the traditional plans for a stupa with him. In 1983, the stupa was begun and by 1985 was ready for the interior murals to be painted. Lama Dorje requested Sanje Elliott to coordinate the painting of the deities, so for the next three summers Sanje and the assistant director, Cynthia Moku, and many volunteers came to work in the stupa.

Kalu Rinpoche came in 1986 to consecrate the stupa,and even though the paintings were not complete, the deities were present and would wait until the next summer for their cloud thrones and offerings. During the consecration, many riches were installed in the treasure room, including tsa tsas, mandalas, mantras, and a special relic from the body of Shakymuni Buddha; a small pearl.

The stupa is 69 feet tall and is easily accessible — drive south on Cerrillos Blvd. and turn right on Airport Road. You will see the stupa on your left at 3777 KSK Lane.

Visit the KSK’s website or call ahead to make sure they will be open: 505 557-6057.